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The Cambridge Friends of the National Trust for Scotland is one of the latest Members' Centres to be established. A programme of virtual meetings has been arranged for Spring 2021.

The programme for Spring 2021 is given below. A PDF version of the programme and Spring Newsletter may be viewed or downloaded by following this link.

Programme for January to May 2021

Wednesday, 27th January 202 at 7:30
Picture of a Professor Lloyd Johnsson Professor Lloyd Johnson on "Scots in North Carolina."
Lloyd Johnson (right), Professor of History at Campbell University and author of "Highland Scots", will tell us about the influence of Scots in North Carolina (lowlanders too).
He will tell us their story through focussing on three prominent men who helped shape the Colony and the State: Gabriel Johnston (1698-1752), the second Governor; Colonel Alexander McAllister (1715-1796), a revolutionary war hero; and James Hogg (1729-1805), a patriot and merchant.
Lloyd will address us from North Carolina.
Wednesday, 17th February 2021 at 7:30
Picture of old Scottish bank noteJonathan Calloway on "Scottish paper money".
The first Scottish banknote was issued in 1696 by the newly established Bank of Scotland. The Royal Bank arrived on the scene in 1728, with the British Linen Company following in 1746 that fateful year of Culloden.
This triopoly dominated Scottish banking for many years, although a number of other banks came. Most issued their own notes, which were circulated in Scotland and, in some cases, beyond. There were still about ten banks issuing notes in 1900, but they were gradually whittled down to the three remaining today.
Jonathan Callaway is a retired banker, co-author of two histories and catalogues on paper money and is a collector of paper money. He will tell us the history of Scottish banknotes, and consider what the future might hold for these distinctive (but now anomalous) banknotes.
Wednesday, 10th March 2021 at 7:30
Gaugin's Vision of the Sermon Van Gogh's Olive Trees Frances Fowle on"A taste for Impressionism: French Art at the National Galleries of Scotland".
The Impressionist and Post-Impressionist art at the National Galleries of Scotland includes masterpieces such as Monet's Haystacks, Degas's Portrait of Diego Martelli, Gauguin's Vision of the Sermon (left) and Van Gogh's Olive Trees (right).
This talk will focus on the developing taste for modern French art in Scotland and the role of key collectors and benefactors such as Alexander and Rosalind Maitland.
Professor Frances Fowle is Senior Curator of French Art at the National Galleries of Scotland and Chair of Nineteenth Century Art at the University of Edinburgh. Her books include "Impressionism and Scotland" and "Van Gogh's Twin: the Scottish Art Dealer Alexander Reid 1854-1928".
Wednesday, 14th April 2021 at 7:30
Picture of a London scene Picture of an old print of LondonColin Clarkson on "Scottish London"
Come on a virtual tour of London locations with Scottish associates from kings to commoners: a veritable Scotch broth of authors, architects and artists, spiced perhaps with the odd criminal and charlatan no Travelcard required.
Colin Clarkson is Head of Modern Research Collections and Curator of the Historical Printing Room, Cambridge University Library.
Wednesday, 19th May 2021 at 7:30
Picture of Arctic Convoy tatran Picture of Tartan shop frontage Brian Wilton MBE. FSA Scot. on "Tartan".
Older than the Ancient Greeks or a Victorian invention? Brian is the author of the acclaimed National Trust for Scotland book "Tartans" - he returned to Scotland in the 1980s and became Director of the Scottish Tartans Authority.
While building up that world authority, he discovered a latent talent for tartan designing is now widely regarded as the leading exponent of the art and its true place in history.
His knowledge, enthusiasm and design prowess has taken him to New York, Moscow, Tokyo and places in between, where he has dispelled the myths and dispensed the truth about tartan, its beginnings and and its global symbolism.

To Join A Meeting

To join a meeting Please email Donald Douglas donalddouglas710@btinternet.com
Pay £5 per person (minimum) electronically to Cambridge Friends of the NTS: sort code 30-91-56, a/c number 03771503. Reference: your name!
Donald will email an invitation.
NB We will not pass your details on to any other organisation.

Picture of stamp showing Pitmedden gardens Supporting the National Trust for Scotland logo Committee members:
Jim Stewart, Chairman & Treasurer
Judy Potter, Secretary
Patsy Glazebrook
Donald Douglas, Membership Secretary
Dr Alan Freeman
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