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The Chairman's Newsletter: July 2018

Dear Members

Thank you for electing me as your Chairman, Rusty being forced to retire because of the time limit imposed by our Constitution. A copy of the draft minutes of the AGM is enclosed with this mailing, so those who didn't attend can read all about it. One item you can't read about is my Scottish ancestry. Although my surname doesn't sound particularly Scots, there have been Hopes living in and around Edinburgh since 1472, when a certain John Hope was recorded as being a court musician. Over the years, many of the family have been lawyers and that is still the case, with my cousin David (Lord Hope of Craighead) having recently retired as Deputy President of the Supreme Court. He now sits in the House of Lords and it is thanks to him that we will be holding the Centre's 40th Birthday Party in the House of Lords next May.

Another change which happened at the AGM was that I relinquished my rôle as Membership Secretary and passed the task on to Jennifer Schoon. This change was anticipated in the publication of the Membership Card - of which you should all have have copies - and you will find Jennifer's contact details there, as well as at the end of the following paragraph. The wonderful thing was that Jennifer offered to take on the job! No such luck with trying to find a Vice-Chairman. There are no defined duties, simply to chair the Committee meeting in the absence of the Chairman and, of course, contribute to the discussions held at commmittee meetings. There must be someone out there who could help in the running of the London Members' Centre - it only involves 4 meetings a year.

Data Protection. A couple of months ago, the new General Data Protection Regulations came into force. We can only hold your data (name address, etc) if we have your written permission to do so. That is why we sent out a slip with the renewal notices in April asking for it to be returned. Quite a number of people have not returned this slip, mostly those who pay by Standing Order. We MUST have the slips returned to us before our October mailing otherwise we will unable to make use of your address - even to post you our newsletter. Please send these to Jennifer Schoon, Brackenwood, 16 Desborough Drive, Tewin Wood, Welwyn, Herts AL6 0HJ.

Talking of membership, there are some of you who haven't managed to renew your membership, despite the request in our last (April) mailing. If we haven't received your renewal cheque, there is a "Renew" note on the address label on the envelope; if all goes well there will be a membership form as well. Our Treasurer, Norman, tells me that some Standing Orders are paid at what appear to be random times throughout the next two months. If yours is one of these you might receive a "Renew" note - just ignore it.

One of the important objects of the Centre is to arrange visits and lectures for our members. As part of every quarterly mailing we send out sheets detailing events which are coming up. There is also a summary further down this page for the next few months. Our Visit Leaders go to a great deal of trouble to organise events which nearly always have a limit on numbers. This is why we allocate tickets for each event. In the case of our twice yearly lectures, there is a maximum number of people allowed in the room which is set by the London Fire & Rescue Service (formerly London Fire Brigade). Other places we visit will have similar limits which we MUST respect. Please, if you haven't received a ticket for an event, don't just turn up because you may well spoil the enjoyment of those who have tickets and also jeopardise the possibility of a return visit to that site. Ring the Visit Organiser to see if there are any last minute spaces; the organiser's phone number is always included on the visit sheet.

Another complication that is arising with visits is security. An increasing number of venues need to know the names of ALL visitors. It's no use simply putting "and guest"; we really must have the name of your companion(s). Please write the information on the back of the application slip. Some places need to see photo ID. Ideally this will be a passport or photo driving licence. If you don't have either of these, do contact the visit leader concerned and ask what alternative will be accepted. You don't want to be turned away at the door.

Past Events.
April 18thWest Norwood Cemetery
April 24thCharterhouse
May 9thLunch at Catering College, Clapham
May 16thAGM Lunch & Lecture: Alexander Bennett on Shetland
May 19thSpring Walk: City of London Gardens & Squares
June 6thTour of Shetland - a write-up of the tour was included in the latest mailing and can be seen by following this link.
July 4thQueen's House, Greenwich
July 11thKneller Hall
July 17thLondon Transport Museum

Future Events.
August 7thRoyal School of Needlework
August 14thSummer Walk - Brunel's London
September 18thGuided Walk: RAF 100 - application form enclosed with mailing
September 24thMercer's Hall - application form enclosed with mailing
October 17thWatts & Co - application form enclosed with mailing
November 8thTheatre Visit: Witness for the Prosecution - County Hall - expression of interest form enclosed with mailing
November 28thXmas Lunch & Lecture: "The Scottish Diaspora Tapestry" - application form enclosed with mailing
December 5thLunch at The Clink - application form enclosed with mailing
May 8th 2019Annual General Meeting & Lecture
May 20th 2019LMC40 Evening event at The House of Lords
June 13th 2019Spring Tour - Highlights of Shropshire.

LMC40 is being organised to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the London Members' Centre. We have been very fortunate to have been able to book the Cholmondeley Room which has a terrace overlooking the Thames. This, for most people, is a once in a lifetime opportunity to see the river from a unique viewpoint. The event will include canapés and drinks of House of Lords quality. To cover the cost of the evening we will need to charge £75 per head. Please put the date in your diary. A booking form will be sent out with the October mailing.

Shropshire 2019.
Following the leaflet in our last mailing, 19 people, myself included, have so far booked their places on this trip next year. There are still spaces for more, but you MUST book with Travel Editions by the end of September.
If you've mislaid your copy of the leaflet, the number to ring is 020 7553 6944
For those who use computers, you can email: groups@traveleditions.co.uk or even go to the company's website: www.traveleditions.co.uk.


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